The big hurdle for many owner/operators is that they simply don’t have the time or resources to adequately address ongoing workplace leadership and culture issues.  As a result, small problems become big problems.  The organization loses its sense of direction.  Profitability suffers.   So, how do you navigate these difficult issues while maintaining day-to-day operations and staying focused on growing your business?  

High Performance developed the PVD System to give small businesses an efficient and sustainable framework for addressing leadership and culture issues that affect financial growth and profitability, decision making, crisis management, organizational unity, and more.  The PVD System harnesses the power of Purpose, Vision, and Disciplines to clearly define what you are, where you are going, and how to get there as an organization.

We begin the process with a conversation.  By listening and asking questions.  We want to hear your story and your specific challenges.  We then lead you and any designated team members through one or more High Performance proprietary assessment tools.  Once we clearly understand your goals and challenges, we begin leading you through the PVD System.   The program is presented through workshops or small group coaching by HBK Principal Michael B. Ross and his team of experts at High Performance.  

The PVD System will help you:

  • Understand exactly where you are at as an organization.
  • Identify, define, and articulate organizational purpose and vision and why they are deeply linked to financial performance.
  • Develop communication skills that consistently reinforce organizational purpose and vision.
  • Understand the critical link between personal and organizational purpose.
  • Utilize extrinsic and intrinsic motivators to get the best out of employees.
  • Create 12-month and quarterly action plans.

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